1. An innovative platform for extracurricular activities for students to display and get rewarded for outstanding talent

  2. A competitive arena where each student seeks to achieve ‘gold’, for himself/herself as well as for the school he/she represents

  3. Enhance and spread the knowledge of Information Technology amongst common school children of Kathmandu valley

  4. An opportunity for unity in diversity through mutual collaboration and sharing amongst different school in Kathmandu valley

  5. A productive and profitable investment for sponsors of the event who earn maximum leverage in terms of brand promotion and appeal

  6. The first in a series of annual events to mark this noble cause.


Brush-Up Online is proud to announce National Cyber Olympiad-Inter School Information Communication Technology Quiz Contest 2073. Apart from the usual teaching learning process of students and teachers in the school premises or outside, this event specifically targets secondary level students up to grade 10 with the aim to provide the learning opportunities in technology sector with competition.

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